2017+ VW Mk 7.5 Golf R \ GTI LED Tail lights, OEM VW made in Europe

BEC Autoparts

  • $775.00

April 20th Update

We sold out, I will post a new ETA when I can get more.


These are brand new, and are the version with the dynamic sequential amber turn signals.

They will fit the 2014.5+ MK7 Golf\GTI or R or the 2018+ Golf\GTI or R with the correct harnesses and coding. They DO NOT fit the Alltrack or Sportwagen, the tail lights on these models are a different shape.

Specific harness is needed for either the Mk7 or Mk7.5 cars.  These are not plug and play, harnesses and coding are required to get them to work.

Part numbers:

  • 5G0.945.308.P
  • 5G0.945.208.G
  • 5G0.945.307.P
  • 5G0.945.207.G

Pricing is for a complete set of 4 pieces, and includes shipping within Canada and the US. Parts will ship from Canada and delivery is approx. 5-7 days.





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