2018+ VW TIguan HID\LED Headlights

BEC Autoparts

  • $699.00

March 4th Update

We are able to get these headlights, but are shipping them in from overseas.  As such, we need to charge a bit more for the shipping unfortunately. 

They will be shipped by UPS with a delivery time of about a week.  Be aware, UPS may charge a small import fee, which you are responsible for paying. 

For the brand new 2018+ VW Tiguan, we offer very high quality LED \ HID Headlights.  They look very similar to the OEM VW Xenon headlights but at a fraction of the price.

So, if you have a Tiguan with only the stock halogen headlights consider getting these to significantly improve your lighting.

This is a very high quality setup, at a reasonable price.

NOTE: they ONLY fits cars with Halogen Headlights, DOES NOT FIT on cars with the Lighting package Xenon headlights.


  • Easy install for the North American model of the Tiguan.  Some minor coding is needed.  Lights have been tested locally in North America.
  • Bi-xenon projector headlights - functions as both low and primary high beams
  • Secondary LED High beam in the inner light position
  • LED DRLs 
  • Dynamic LED turn signals
  • Includes ballasts for the LEDs and HID lights, plus 5500K HID bulbs.


One set of headlights with preinstalled HID kit for $665 US shipped within North America. 


Bumper cover removal:

HID kit installation


Low Beams - from actual headlights

Highbeams - from actual headlights


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