2014.5-17 Mk7 Golf HID Headlights, Facelift GTI Style


  • $695.00

 March 4th Update

We are out of stock locally of the lights, and need to send by air from overseas.

As such, small increase in price due to higher shipping costs.

We will only have the LED low beam version available.

 There are a number of different manufacturers making similar headlights, but these are sourced from the same manufacturer who has provided headlights for the Mk7 cars to us for the last 4.5 years.

If you do not want leaky, or low quality headlights come and get ours instead.

These fit the Mk7 series of cars, from 2014.5 -17.  They do not fit the 2018+ Mk7.5 cars as they have a different shape housing, see our add for the 2018+ headlights instead.

As well, they ONLY fits cars with Halogen Headlights, DOES NOT FIT on cars with the Lighting package Xenon headlights.

These lights have been tested locally as well.

MK7 Facelift GTI Style Headlight Features

  • LED projectors - functions as low beams and primary high beams
  • E-Code beam pattern
  • LED DRLs (daytime running lights) white when on, and when turn signals are on, they amber. 
  • Turn Signals are amber, and dynamic
  • Secondary inner high beam
  • Plug and play installation, no need for coding or any modifications
  • One year warranty on the LEDs
  • Please note, all prices are in USD, the currency converter is not working and does not convert to CAD$.

Install Guide:

This is from Osram, and a great install guide:

YouTube Video


Here are some photos of our lights:







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